Tuesday, 2 December 2008

Shock Horror -Pub Quizzers Challenge Judges Rules !

What a fantastic Night. If you were not there you surely missed the biggest thing to happen between my Hog Roast night and the Christmas Menu.
Amid a few grumbles though, the quiz master got quizzed about the scoring.
But you have to remember that the judges decision is final, and there's no ruling body to grumble to anyway .
Some of the names of the teams that take part don't go very far in stretching the imagination but that's locals for you and it's part of the fun.
The point of the pub quiz is to relax, have fun, a blooming good laugh and enjoy yourself. If your lucky you might win some cash.
One thing to remember and take into consideration though is there will be people taking part who take the quiz very,very seriously, like one of the young entrants, who we can't name for legal reasons (but has short blonde hair and looks like she's chewing a wasp at the best of times) who always looks fit to burst.
Maybe watching the serious one's explode is the funniest part, why not drop in next Monday night and decide for yourself?

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