Monday, 22 December 2008

Fashion Picture Competition at the Upton

It's official, in the New Year there will be a fashion picture competition held at the Upton, just for fun. The winner might win a prize but seeing as I am so fashionable we always announce it as being for fun so there is no chance of anyone saying the result has been fixed :-)

Anyway, all you have to do is what I have done here, get a picture taken of yourself in your most fashionable T.shirt together with a current copy of your favourite newspaper.

I have started it off with a picture of me wearing the latest Badgers Promotional T-shirt with a copy of a Red Top Newspaper, I obviously don't qualify for page three !

Get your photos taken, male or female and send them to me here at my blog and they will all be published and the winner announced at the end of January.
As always, wet t-shirt photos are invited and accepted.

I will post all of the entries on our photo gallery, once it's up and running, for all to see and the winning entry will be posted on my facebook fan site which you can view here
Also don't forget that tonight's quiz is going to be extra special so make sure you arrive early to secure a table and adequate seating for your team as tonight the Upton will be full fit to burst.

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