Monday, 22 December 2008

Fashion Picture Competition at the Upton

It's official, in the New Year there will be a fashion picture competition held at the Upton, just for fun. The winner might win a prize but seeing as I am so fashionable we always announce it as being for fun so there is no chance of anyone saying the result has been fixed :-)

Anyway, all you have to do is what I have done here, get a picture taken of yourself in your most fashionable T.shirt together with a current copy of your favourite newspaper.

I have started it off with a picture of me wearing the latest Badgers Promotional T-shirt with a copy of a Red Top Newspaper, I obviously don't qualify for page three !

Get your photos taken, male or female and send them to me here at my blog and they will all be published and the winner announced at the end of January.
As always, wet t-shirt photos are invited and accepted.

I will post all of the entries on our photo gallery, once it's up and running, for all to see and the winning entry will be posted on my facebook fan site which you can view here
Also don't forget that tonight's quiz is going to be extra special so make sure you arrive early to secure a table and adequate seating for your team as tonight the Upton will be full fit to burst.

Friday, 19 December 2008

Have you planned ahead?

I know you are going to goan at the thought of planning ahead. We are only days away from the fantastic Xmas Quiz Night and then Christmas itself and that is what is at the forefront of your mind, but you have to think now at what you are going to be doing to see the New Year in.

I have the answer, if your not going to be on a Fireworks Dinner and Cruise in Sydney Harbour that is.

Come to visit the Upton Inn, we are not like the rest, we are the Best.

For starters, we wont be clawing at your cash trying to sell you a ticket, Oh No. it's free.
But the amount of space available in the car park, and inside the pub is limited.

So, my advice to you, as a seasoned New Years reveller is:

Come in a pre booked taxi or mini bus that can pick you up around 1am.
Cut costs and come with a group of friends.
Come early because it is going to be packed to the ceiling with revellers wanting to enjoy all of the fun.
Pay for the buffet because it's going to be a long fun filled night that you will never forget.
and there's music provided by Disco Phil.

It's going to be a night to remember.

Wednesday, 17 December 2008

Don't Cry for me - Anthea Turner !

You just have to feel sorry for poor Anthea Turner, down to her last Million and only just managing to keep hold of her 5 million pound Mansion in Surrey due to the credit crunch.

Anthea popped into the pub last night to try and win the pub quiz top prize as she is desperate for cash.
I managed to have a chat with her in the function room.

Apparently Anthea has had to let her car washer go as she couldn't afford to keep him on, no doubt like her unpaid cleaner
( you didn't think she actually did any cleaning did you?) she will be sued for unpaid wages and a book will be out soon entitled "My life as Turners unpaid car cleaner-I knew she was on the fiddle".

Anyway, Anthea shed a tear as she told me how the Tax man was onto her after her business went bust, you know the one that illegally loans her money and then doesn't want the loan repaid!

Her business only had one client, her other business which has also gone bust.
Mind you I am not actually allowed to say that her Husband's business empire has gone bust as he will sue me for lying and defaming him for just even suggesting it, even though it has and the bank have seized his assets...Funny world isn't it?

Luckily though Anthea managed to squirrel away 1.2 million pounds before the bank foreclosed, that was lucky wasn't it?
What's more, Anthea is working her fingers to the bone and mixing with the low life, just for us, she says.
She has agreed to do TV adverts for pin money, even though that's beneath her!

Ever the diplomat I avoided asking anything personal like hows her Swiss mansion and simply pointed out to Anthea that the Quiz Night is held on a Monday Night not the Tuesday :-)

Monday, 15 December 2008

Can our Landlord Tell the Time?

Well it was inevitable really !

What with the Credit Crunch, the general malaise within the licensing trade and the way the Government is now slowly attacking the drinks Industry.
We have had a Happy "Hour" at the Upton Inn for little over a month now.
A fantastic idea and one brought in to make mid week drinking more affordable.
But an hour last for 60 minutes. What's that I hear you ask, is a pub hour made up of 150 minutes ?
Only between the hours of 4pm and 6:30pm dear readers :-)

However, don't let our Landlords (he's a lovely young lad really) counting problems put you off, we have electronic tills in the pub that calculate prices exactly. Next we are getting an electric razor for some body :-)

See you there soon.

Thursday, 11 December 2008

David Van Day is a scream

I don't know if anyone has been following the Reality TV show "I'm a celebrity......." I have managed to see some off it between pints of Badgers Real Ale.
Anyway, 80's singing star David Van Day, having come fourth in the contest is now back in the UK and doing the rounds of TV talk shows. His send up of Nicola "Skelator" McLean on the show was absolutely brilliant.
What's even funnier is that the clip is on Youtube and someone has complained, stating that McLean is a "Legend"!!!!!!
Being the International Jet-setter that I am I managed to get down to London yesterday via Brighton, where he lives, and bumped into him long enough to say hi and have a chat about visiting Upton Cheney sometime soon.
I really hope we get DVD round the pub on a Monday night and get him to read out the questions. I reckon he would be an absolute scream.

A Big well done to David.

Tuesday, 9 December 2008

Cold and Crispy

Wow, what a great night it was last night at the Pub Quiz.
When I woke up this morning I looked out of the window and saw how cold and crispy it was I just had to take this photograph.
After looking at it though I can see that some prankster from the previous evening has pinched the Santa clause statue and welcome message from the front door. I better have a good hunt around and put it back before customers start arriving.

Monday, 8 December 2008

Hey, It's Monday

Hey It's Monday.
That means it's quiz night again!
It comes around so soon.
The quiz is a genuine £250 prize split between the lucky winners, just like this lucky recent winner.
It was a great night as usual and It was great to pose with all that cash, which is quite a lot by any one's standards these days.
I do hear that another pub situated not a million miles from the Upton Inn is planning on copying the idea.
Well good luck to you and best wishes with it, you'll have to go some mind to keep up with us at the Upton.

Sunday, 7 December 2008

Looking at the Front Door.

It is such a nice sunny but crisp day here in Upton Cheney that I thought I would share a photograph of the front door of the Upton Inn.
As you can see we sell Badgers Ale's here in the pub and we serve quite a lot of it.
Walking around Upton Cheney this morning I realised that there are such pretty places to photograph around the village. Unfortunately for me, after retiring, all of my decent camera equipment was returned to my employer. My current camera, whilst adequate, doest do photography of the village justice.
I have therefore added a contact link in my profile on the right of the page.
If you have any nice photographs that you would like to share please send them to me.
What's more, if you have any photographs of me that you have taken whilst I have been jet setting around the world.
Please send them in and I will share them here.

Tuesday, 2 December 2008

Shock Horror -Pub Quizzers Challenge Judges Rules !

What a fantastic Night. If you were not there you surely missed the biggest thing to happen between my Hog Roast night and the Christmas Menu.
Amid a few grumbles though, the quiz master got quizzed about the scoring.
But you have to remember that the judges decision is final, and there's no ruling body to grumble to anyway .
Some of the names of the teams that take part don't go very far in stretching the imagination but that's locals for you and it's part of the fun.
The point of the pub quiz is to relax, have fun, a blooming good laugh and enjoy yourself. If your lucky you might win some cash.
One thing to remember and take into consideration though is there will be people taking part who take the quiz very,very seriously, like one of the young entrants, who we can't name for legal reasons (but has short blonde hair and looks like she's chewing a wasp at the best of times) who always looks fit to burst.
Maybe watching the serious one's explode is the funniest part, why not drop in next Monday night and decide for yourself?

Monday, 1 December 2008

Seniors menu

Get Back men, wait your turn.
Pike might be a stupid boy most days but this new idea of his is great for those of us that are over 55.
A Seniors Menu.

I can tell you that those of us in the Home Guard are grateful for a menu that caters for people with modest appetites who want modest plate sized meals at affordable prices.

On behalf of everyone here at the Walmington On Sea Home Guard
I ,Captain Mainwaring, would like to thank our good friend Upton Spoon for bringing this to our attention.

Next time we are on manoeuvres in Upton we will be taking refreshments at the Inn and enjoying the delights of the seniors menu.