Wednesday, 17 December 2008

Don't Cry for me - Anthea Turner !

You just have to feel sorry for poor Anthea Turner, down to her last Million and only just managing to keep hold of her 5 million pound Mansion in Surrey due to the credit crunch.

Anthea popped into the pub last night to try and win the pub quiz top prize as she is desperate for cash.
I managed to have a chat with her in the function room.

Apparently Anthea has had to let her car washer go as she couldn't afford to keep him on, no doubt like her unpaid cleaner
( you didn't think she actually did any cleaning did you?) she will be sued for unpaid wages and a book will be out soon entitled "My life as Turners unpaid car cleaner-I knew she was on the fiddle".

Anyway, Anthea shed a tear as she told me how the Tax man was onto her after her business went bust, you know the one that illegally loans her money and then doesn't want the loan repaid!

Her business only had one client, her other business which has also gone bust.
Mind you I am not actually allowed to say that her Husband's business empire has gone bust as he will sue me for lying and defaming him for just even suggesting it, even though it has and the bank have seized his assets...Funny world isn't it?

Luckily though Anthea managed to squirrel away 1.2 million pounds before the bank foreclosed, that was lucky wasn't it?
What's more, Anthea is working her fingers to the bone and mixing with the low life, just for us, she says.
She has agreed to do TV adverts for pin money, even though that's beneath her!

Ever the diplomat I avoided asking anything personal like hows her Swiss mansion and simply pointed out to Anthea that the Quiz Night is held on a Monday Night not the Tuesday :-)

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Upton Spoon said...

Thank you to the reader who pointed out that there was a spelling mistake or two in this post.
Hey were all human :-)
Thanks again though