Thursday, 23 April 2009

I've been sailing.

Hi there friends,
I apologise for the lack of posts on my blog, I have been away sailing on a friends sailing yacht in the Med.
We had an absolute ball of a time as you can probably well imagine.
Should anyone get the chance of a sailing trip of any chance abroad in the sun then my advice would be to jump at it.
It is hard work, of course, but what a way to get a deep suntan whilst getting fit and visiting far away places via a different route. None of that waiting around in airports you know, just sail into the local peurto, sign the harbourmaster's papers, pay the feee and get to the taverna.
What a lifestyle.

Well what's been happening whilst I have been away?

I see that young pike has copied me something dreadfully and started a Facebook page.

The new season Badgers is on sale and there's something wrong in the kitchen.
I came down last night for my evening meal and I can tell you, I was less than impressed.

I will have to investigate further, probably with more meals and copious amounts of ale, but the standard of the meal and the service has slackened off.

Maybe it's the credit crunch, maybe Charlie needs a holiday, maybe it's time for a change of tableware... I can't tell at the moment.

What I need really is assistance, Perhaps you should all get down to the Upton and order an evening meal and post me your opinions. I promise to post your comments here.
Anyway, that's enough for me