Friday, 1 May 2009

I forgot to say

Hi again my good friends, How are you on this the first day of May?
A pinch and a punch,
the first of the month,
I'm rather thirsty
so I'm in the pub for me lunch.

After a sport of rain the sun has shone at last on those of us that are as we speak, in the Pub enjoying a nice pint of good Ale. Come on up, imbibe and enjoy yourself.

For some real "news" read on:

I have had such great feedback from you the visitors to my site about my travels and my critique that I have been asked to take my blog to the next level and host my own site and sell special Upton Spoon Item's, Maybe my own line of beer or tableware or a line of my own rather special natty attire.
what do you think?

Let me know in the usual way good readers.

I had to share this joke with you.

Thursday, 23 April 2009

I've been sailing.

Hi there friends,
I apologise for the lack of posts on my blog, I have been away sailing on a friends sailing yacht in the Med.
We had an absolute ball of a time as you can probably well imagine.
Should anyone get the chance of a sailing trip of any chance abroad in the sun then my advice would be to jump at it.
It is hard work, of course, but what a way to get a deep suntan whilst getting fit and visiting far away places via a different route. None of that waiting around in airports you know, just sail into the local peurto, sign the harbourmaster's papers, pay the feee and get to the taverna.
What a lifestyle.

Well what's been happening whilst I have been away?

I see that young pike has copied me something dreadfully and started a Facebook page.

The new season Badgers is on sale and there's something wrong in the kitchen.
I came down last night for my evening meal and I can tell you, I was less than impressed.

I will have to investigate further, probably with more meals and copious amounts of ale, but the standard of the meal and the service has slackened off.

Maybe it's the credit crunch, maybe Charlie needs a holiday, maybe it's time for a change of tableware... I can't tell at the moment.

What I need really is assistance, Perhaps you should all get down to the Upton and order an evening meal and post me your opinions. I promise to post your comments here.
Anyway, that's enough for me

Thursday, 12 February 2009

Those Australian Fire Pictures.

I am sure that we know by now that the most horrendous fires have burnt to a cinder a fair proportion of the state of Victoria in Australia.
No doubt there will be horrific and devastating pictures of the destruction available on the net in due course, if they are not already available.
I thought I would attach a photo sent to me by one of my fans of the Victorian countryside when the fires were first being reported.
I am unaware to to the resolution of the photograph or the zoom height in miles but it resembles the 50 mile high resolution you can get with Google Earth.
I don't know how many fire victim funds there are but the Red Cross is always a safe bet.
If anyone would like to donate to the Red Cross fund that has been set up they can do so here

Monday, 2 February 2009

Upton Inn Announces First Birthday Party

It will be as it says in the advert.
However there will be the added bonus of seeing Jamie drooling and fondling with his microphone when all my model girlfriends turn up and drape themselves all over me on table 25.

Come one come all, everyone is welcome to come and celebrate what is going to be one hell of a first Birthday bash.

See you all there.

Ever been to the (Motor) Races?

Have you ever wondered what a real live racing car circuit is like?

I am of course an advanced driver and I have driven some really fast and expensive cars in my time but I have never visited a racing circuit like Brands Hatch or Silverstone.

Being an International Jet-setter, with a round the world lifestyle, I recently travelled to Australia to attend the International Licensed Victuallers Association's "World Happy Hour Rules" summit. (a very important American lady, whose a bit of an old soak on the side, was there by the but this spoons too much of a gentleman to name her at this time as she is in recovery from loosing a certain nomination)
Anyway, my lady friend is a bit of a racing fan and she suggested a trip to Phillip Island Race track.

Phillip Island is one of the greatest MotoGP tracks in the world . The fast flowing nature of the 4.448 km circuit is apparently the reason that makes Phillip Island one of favourite MotoGP tracks among riders for the last 15 years. The one big drawback can be weather on this outpost of Victoria coastline . Heavy rain and winds can cause chaos at this time of the year to the Island, which is linked by a bridge to the mainland, some 100 kms south of Melbourne.

If you ever get the chance I would thoroughly recommend you visit the centre, take the tour and look around.

Tuesday, 27 January 2009

Biff Baff Boff - It got released

Well the good news is that the long awaited "I'm a Celebrity" record Biff Baff Boff finally got realesed. hurrah I hear you cry.
The bad news seems to be that you can only appear to buy it through itunes, mind you I have yet to get out of the pub and donw to asda to see if it's for sale there.
You can check out a sample of the song here
and if you do decide to buy it, well it's only £1:50p any way.

So come on every body, buy a copy and see if we can upset my good mate Simon Cowell by getting it right up there at the top of the charts.
[ I bet Simon's on his way round the Upton Inn to bash me as soon as he reads this :-) ]

A Belated Happy New Year 2009

Hi everyone, I'm back.
As is normal during December and January I have maintained my international Jet setting lifestyle and I have been abroad travelling the worl.
I have loads of photos and stories about the things that I have been up to while I have been away enjoying foreign parts.

I will be posting some of the more interesting pictures here over the next coming weeks.
There are so many to go through first though.

I must say a very very big THANK YOU to all of those you that visit my little place here on the Internet and contact me through e-mail to ask me questions.

To the hundreds of you that have posted asking where I am.
I say thanks for asking and for caring, please accept this blog posting as my answer to you for now.
There are so many it will take me some time to answer each and every one personally so please be patient as I get round to you.

HAPPY 20009