Tuesday, 27 January 2009

Biff Baff Boff - It got released

Well the good news is that the long awaited "I'm a Celebrity" record Biff Baff Boff finally got realesed. hurrah I hear you cry.
The bad news seems to be that you can only appear to buy it through itunes, mind you I have yet to get out of the pub and donw to asda to see if it's for sale there.
You can check out a sample of the song here
and if you do decide to buy it, well it's only £1:50p any way.

So come on every body, buy a copy and see if we can upset my good mate Simon Cowell by getting it right up there at the top of the charts.
[ I bet Simon's on his way round the Upton Inn to bash me as soon as he reads this :-) ]

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