Tuesday, 27 January 2009

A Belated Happy New Year 2009

Hi everyone, I'm back.
As is normal during December and January I have maintained my international Jet setting lifestyle and I have been abroad travelling the worl.
I have loads of photos and stories about the things that I have been up to while I have been away enjoying foreign parts.

I will be posting some of the more interesting pictures here over the next coming weeks.
There are so many to go through first though.

I must say a very very big THANK YOU to all of those you that visit my little place here on the Internet and contact me through e-mail to ask me questions.

To the hundreds of you that have posted asking where I am.
I say thanks for asking and for caring, please accept this blog posting as my answer to you for now.
There are so many it will take me some time to answer each and every one personally so please be patient as I get round to you.

HAPPY 20009

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unique-almeria.com said...

Happy New Year to you too!!!!!!