Monday, 2 February 2009

Upton Inn Announces First Birthday Party

It will be as it says in the advert.
However there will be the added bonus of seeing Jamie drooling and fondling with his microphone when all my model girlfriends turn up and drape themselves all over me on table 25.

Come one come all, everyone is welcome to come and celebrate what is going to be one hell of a first Birthday bash.

See you all there.


Anonymous said...

You better not disappoint Spoon, we're all looking forward to seeing some talent on table 25 at the party. see you then said...

Since I won't be able to attend this year, at least I expect some really good pics of the party in your blog.

Anyway, there will be more 'birthdays', I'm sure! So, if I'm not getting lost in the Desert of Almeria, I might drop in, in the future. Mind you, that reminds me: Why don't you paste a goole map on your blog to make sure we'll find you!

See Yeah...