Thursday, 12 February 2009

Those Australian Fire Pictures.

I am sure that we know by now that the most horrendous fires have burnt to a cinder a fair proportion of the state of Victoria in Australia.
No doubt there will be horrific and devastating pictures of the destruction available on the net in due course, if they are not already available.
I thought I would attach a photo sent to me by one of my fans of the Victorian countryside when the fires were first being reported.
I am unaware to to the resolution of the photograph or the zoom height in miles but it resembles the 50 mile high resolution you can get with Google Earth.
I don't know how many fire victim funds there are but the Red Cross is always a safe bet.
If anyone would like to donate to the Red Cross fund that has been set up they can do so here

1 comment: said...

This is terrible! I sincerely hope they'll put the responsibles into jail!